第一話Episode 1蘇えりし者、夜に嗤うThe Revenant Howls in Darkness

  • 絵コンテ・演出:安藤真裕
  • 作画監督:松浦麻衣、佐古宗一郎
  • Storyboards, Director: Masahiro Ando
  • Animation Director:Mai Matsuura, Soichiro Sako


Full moon shines through the quiet night of Shanghai. A young man walks alone, as if weaving the light. Reunited and forming a pack, they head out for a suspicious-looking mansion. In there, a banquet is held by vampires. They call themselves the “Jaegers” who breaks in and hunt vampires down.
As the Jaegers head out to Japan, they use V shipping company as their alias in order to spy on the vampires in secret. Just as they arrive, atrocious crimes begin to happen. When all the dots are connected to form one line, Sirius bares its fang.