第六話Episode 6『マネシツグミの警笛』Mokingbird’s Song

  • 脚本:小柳啓伍
  • 絵コンテ:入江泰浩
  • 演出:藤井康雄
  • 作画監督:川面恒介、秋山有希
  • 総作画監督:佐古宗一郎
  • Screenplay: Keigo Koyanagi
  • Storyboards: Yasuhiro Irie
  • Director: Ysuo Fujii
  • Animation Director:Kosuke Kawatsura, Yuki Akiyama
  • Chief Animation Director:Soichiro Sako


"Arc of Sirius" - a mysterious word Mikhail left. Yuliy is also confused as Willard hints that revenge is not the only path for him if the arc can be used. However, vampires were already on the move. Jaegers are forced to fight back as they reach Naoe family house. During deadly battle, Yuliy's feeling waiver as he recalls earlier conversation with Philip. "Perhaps there is a way to live together with Mikhail" - as that thought crosses Yuliy's mind, Kershner is just a breath away.